Cedar Sage Massage is a handcrafted artisanal massage experience where you will step into a boutique environment and be pampered in a way like no other.  Your individuality will be honored and a healing space created just for the place that you are in life uniquely. 

Cedar Sage Massage is a spirit based practice that firmly believes each person has the right to optimum health as well as has the power to heal themselves.  With the help of a guided intuitive practitioner you will achieve maximum results. Cedar Sage Massage honors the art of intuition, ritual, meditation, music, prayer, massage and energetic healing.  You will be relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for whatever challenge or triumph that life has in store for you next!  The client/ therapist relationship is highly valued as well as creating and participating in community.    You will always be offered a sound, spiritually grounded space to help you grow.